Vol. 4, Issue 6 (April 2019)

SNo Topic Name Author Subject Download
1 A Study Of Identity Pursual In Bharati Mukerjee’s Novel: Jasmine Dr. Suma Prakash Article Click Here
2 Alexander Pope And The Persecutory Delusion Dr.Anil Kumar.P Article Click Here
3 Mother-Daughter Relationship in Elizabeth Strout’s Amy and Isabelle Dr. S.Ramya Niranjan, Article Click Here
4 Muslim Women in Malayalam Cinema; Within and Beyond Stereotypes Najla Kaikulangara Abdul Salam Article Click Here
5 Indian Festivals: Voices of Cultural Identity Arathy. A R & Aiswarya Susan Samuel Article Click Here
6 Murdahiya: A New Perspective on Dalit Autobiography Ashish Kumar Article Click Here
7 Knowing by Doing - ESL Teacher’s Professional Development Dr.B.Samrajya Lakshmi Article Click Here
8 In Search of the Hero( es )within the Genre and Beyond Bikramjit Sen Article Click Here
9 Racism And Psychological Drama In Richard Wrights’s Native Son Mercy Kiruba Glory. A Article Click Here
10 Exposing Double- Marginalisation: Dalit Feminism In Bama’s Sangati Niranjana J. Article Click Here
11 ‘It is the gist that matters’: Xenophobia, Identity Crisis and Reverse Stereotyping in Mohsin Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist Raj Das Article Click Here
12 Quest for Racial Identity: A Study in Tony Morrison‘s Song of Solomon S. David Boon Article Click Here
13 Drama As A Text Or Performance Shirsak Ghosh Article Click Here
14 Exploring Female Captivity, Repression and Abuse in Fairy Tales Sanghamitra Baladhikari Article Click Here
15 Evolution of Popularity of Pushkin’s works in India Shitanshu Bharti Article Click Here
16 Quasi-attributes, Desires, and Cyclicity of life: A Study of Khushwant Singh’s The Sunset Club Sanjeev Khanna Article Click Here
17 Theme of Marginalization in Bama’s Sangati N.Saranya & P.Bindhu Article Click Here
18 Progression Of English Language In India: An Overview S. N. Shende Article Click Here
19 The Idea of Nation Building in July’s People Somanand Saraswati Article Click Here
20 Rethinking the Mahabharata: A Study of Pratibha Ray’s Yainaseni as a Feminist Foundational Text Miss Sunal Sharma Article Click Here
21 Third Space in Paul Beatty’s The White Boy Shuffle P. Robert Raj Article Click Here
22 The Double Subjugation of the Jew: A Post-Colonial Reading of Caryl Phillip’s The Nature of Blood Arusharko Banerjee Article Click Here
23 A Study of the Treatment of Love in Sarojini Naidu and Toru Dutt Chinmoyee Deka Article Click Here
24 The Little People: an Alienation from the new line Society Monalisa Chakrabarty Article Click Here
25 Politics of Hegemony: A Study of Lakshman Gaekwad’s UCALYA Muhamed Shehin T V Article Click Here
26 The Silent Listener: An Analysis of Pragmatics in Robert Browning’s My Last Duchess Nagma Nija Article Click Here
27 Feedback: Underrated Classroom Activity P. Robert Raj Article Click Here
28 Humiliation in The Grapes of Wrath Dr. Uttam Balu Koli Article Click Here
29 Draupadi’s Resistance in Saoli Mitra’s Nathabati Anathabat Suryakant Yadav Article Click Here
30 Weaving History by Witnessing: Some Reflections on the Poetry from Northeast India Champa Chettri Article Click Here
31 Poetry as Social Commentary: A Study of Select Poems of Yumlam Tana Yater Nyokir Article Click Here
32 Women Depicted In The War Novel The Return Of The Soldier (1918) Neha Wader Article Click Here
33 Women of Character: A feminist study of Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge Arunima Rayalu Article Click Here
34 How Tenses Tense All And Sundry!! Dr.Anil Kumar.P Article Click Here
35 Happiness Ananya Saikia Poem Click Here
36 To His Dear Granny Jay Prakash Poem Click Here
37 The Tiny Spark Sr.Laly Varghese Poem Click Here
38 God Will Never Be Late Poornima. P Poem Click Here
39 My Autograph: A Dramatic Monologue Raj Das Poem Click Here
40 The Cult Follower: Adolescence and Violence in Emma Cline's The Girls Sharon Ann Philip Article Click Here
41 The Writings of the Bound: Authorship and Empowerment of Women Anwesa Roy Article Click Here