Vol. 6, Issue 1 (June 2020)

SNo Topic Name Author Subject Download
1 Power Struggle & Strategies from an Inferior Position in Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers Arnab Mukherjee Article Click Here
2 The Dark Side Of The Human Mind; Its Disturbances Nabajit Debnath Article Click Here
3 Mikhail Sholokhov’s The Fate of a Man: A Saga of Irreparable Loss and Unmatchable Valor Malika Mand Article Click Here
4 Waves of Protest against Neo-Imperialism: Kallol by Utpal Dutt Naren Mondal Article Click Here
5 A Study of Murder in the Cathedral as a Poetic Drama The History of Modern Poetic Drama Raji Saju Article Click Here
6 ‘These Drumbeats of Revolution will Keep Growing': A Look at Safdar Hashmi's Street Play Machine Rajiv Kumar Article Click Here
7 Mirza Ghalib And Muhammad Iqbal: A Study In Comparison Tasleem Ahmad War Article Click Here
8 Quasi-attributes, Desires, and Cyclicity of life: A Study of Khushwant Singh’s The Sunset Club Sanjeev Khanna Article Click Here
9 The Beauty Myth in Chicklit: Female Subjectivity and Consumer Culture Sugandha S Singh & Dr Abha Shukla Kaushik Article Click Here
10 Considering The Grass is Singing as a Postcolonial Content Md Shams Tabrez Article Click Here
11 Finding Colonialism/Imperialism in Robinson Crusoe Mohitosh Biswas Article Click Here
12 The Floozy Mom Sachidananda Panda Story Click Here
13 Thermopylae Abhishek Chakravorty Poem Click Here
14 My Inner Feelings… Utpal Pal Poem Click Here
15 CANVAS OF A MIND by Purba Chakraborty Abhishek Thakkar Book Review Click Here