Vol. 8, Issue 1 (June 2022)

SNo Topic Name Author Subject Download
1 Utopia versus Dystopia: Sexual Politics in Thomas More’s Utopia and Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale Aishwarya Bhutoria Article Click Here
2 Role of Information and Communication Technologies in Migration and Diaspora Dr. Ambika Sharma Article Click Here
3 Exploring the Genesis of Language through Aphasia in Sheila Hale’s novel The Man Who Lost His Language Dr. Aparna Article Click Here
4 Upper–Class Indian Women In The Novels Of Anita Desai: A Study Dr.Archana Sharma & Dr. Manisha Dwivedi Article Click Here
5 Lockdown Diaries: Developing the art of fashion blogging and communication Dr. Armaiti Shukla Article Click Here
6 Social Realism in Ruth Prawar Jhabvala’s The Nature of Passion: Exposure of Materialistic Passion Dr. Arun Kumar Biswas Article Click Here
7 Metamorphosis of Women in Manju Kapur's Novels Chippy Satheesh Article Click Here
8 The Importance of Communication Skills in Developing the Art of Negotiation Debdoot Mukherjee Article Click Here
9 Reasons for Poor Communication Skills in English of First Year Engineering Students of Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad: A Study Dr. Dipakkumar A. Bhatt Article Click Here
10 An Ecocritical Study of the Selected Verses of Ruskin Bond Disha Jitendrabhai Chhatbar Article Click Here
11 Subaltern voices in writings from Odisha: Akhila Naik’s ‘Bheda’ as a representative Dalit novel. Dr. Jayadeb Sahoo Article Click Here
12 The Transition from Realism to Modernism in D.H. Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers Karman Singh Article Click Here
13 Current Concern of Buddha's Thoughts and Teachings Kuldeep Upadhyay Article Click Here
14 The Evolution of Science Fiction and Post-Humanism Dr. Loveleen Kaur Article Click Here
15 Brahmanism as Ruling Ideology in Constructing Social Practices: A Study on the Select Autobiographies of the Dalits and Tribals Dr. M. Ilango Article Click Here
16 Digital Media: An Effective English Language Learning Tool Dr. Nagendra Kottacheruvu Article Click Here
17 Compromise and Submission in Uma in Fasting Feasting by Anita Desai Navita Article Click Here
18 Thematic Concerns in the Fiction of Elif Shafak Dr. Loveleen Kaur Article Click Here
19 The Avenging Paintbrush: Reading the Paintings of Artemisia Gentileschi Dr. Nibedita Paul Article Click Here
20 The Nature of Poetry (Kavitani Olakh) Nishita Jataniya Translation Click Here
21 Predicament of Diseased Life in Mahesh Dattani’s Brief Candle: A Dance between Love and Death Dr. Pooja Gupta Article Click Here
22 Social Status of Women in India - An Overview Pranati Mishra, Bismita Manjari Biswal, Babli Das Article Click Here
23 A Pilgrimage Towards Truth and Beauty Through Goodness: A Study of Tagore’s Selected Short Stories Prativa Rai & Maitali Khanna Article Click Here
24 The Impossible Resurrection of Grief: A Lamentation over the Environmental Crisis Priyanka Joshi Article Click Here
25 Politics of Space and Identity: A Reading of Tony Kushner's Homebody/ Kabul Priyanka Verma Article Click Here
26 Concept of Lost Identity in Badal Sircar’s Evam Indrajit Rohit Article Click Here
27 A Path to Self-Realisation: Iris Murdoch’s The Green Knight as a Novel of Transformational Journey B. Sai Harshitha & Dr. Ms. Dibba Bhargavi Article Click Here
28 Thematic Concerns And Narrative Technique In Fables From Jataka Tales Salija M.Krishna Article Click Here
29 A Psychological Reading of Dennis Lehane’s Shutter Island Salini K Article Click Here
30 J.M. Coetzee's Disgrace from the Perspective of Michel Foucault's Theory of Power/Knowledge Discourse Dr. Sandeep Kumar Sharma Article Click Here
31 Tone And Tenets Of Indian Philosophy In Eliot’s Poems Sankar Paul & Dr. Shrikant Singh Article Click Here
32 The Shift in Narration: Centralization of Draupadi’s Perspective in Chitra Banerjee Devakurni’s The Palace of Illusion Shikha Pawar Article Click Here
33 Bharati Mukherjee’s Jasmine as a Journey from National to Transnational Ms. Somojyoti Banerjee Article Click Here
34 Defining ‘Grandmother’ in the Light of Eco-humanism: A Reading of Khushwant Singh’s “The Portrait of a Lady” Dr. Sumana Biswas Article Click Here
35 A Cultural Retrospection of Istanbul in Orhan Pamuk’s Memoir Istanbul: Memories and the City Sumita Kumari Article Click Here
36 Premchand’s Social Realism in Godaan Tamanna Priya Article Click Here
37 Highlighting The Impact Of Internet Mediated Communication: Sharing/ Forwarding On Social Media By The Common Masses Udhav Krishna Article Click Here
38 Through My Voice: A Critical Reading of Poile Sengupta’s Keats Was a Tuber Dr. Vineet Maxwell David Article Click Here
39 House of Her Own Shazida Rahman Poems Click Here
40 Revolution and Violence: Walter Benjamin and the Problem of ‘Messianicity’ Ayan Chakraborty Article Click Here
41 Looking Back Into Past : Myth Of Bishnupur(West Bengal) Paulami Kundu Article Click Here
42 The Female Identity: Conflict of Gender and Confrontation in Sashi Deshpande’s The Dark Holds No Terrors Dr. Deepshikha Krishna Article Click Here
43 Women of Strength and Courage in Mohanty’s “A Beautiful Woman” Dr. Navdeep Kaur Gill Article Click Here
44 Representation of Folktales in World Literature and Its Role in Contemporary Society Joydev Maity Article Click Here
45 India’s Daughter: Holding A Mirror To The Ugly “Self” Dikshya Samantarai Article Click Here
46 Tamed Bodies and Subversive Structures: Understanding Gender and Deciphering Motherhood in Anita Desai’s Cry, the Peacock and Fire on the Mountain Kasish Article Click Here
47 Democracy and Secularism in Shashi Tharoor’s Riot Bhaktipriya Bhargava Article Click Here
48 A Study On The Preservation Of Indigenous Languages With Special Reference To North-East India Mr Deependra Sarma & Miss Meghali Saikia Article Click Here
49 A Criterion of Meaning in Science & Religion Lt. Dr. Abhay Mudgal Article Click Here
50 The Counter-Discourse of Colonialism in Rhys’s Wide Sargasso Sea and Orwell’s Shooting an Elephant Sumit Saha Article Click Here
51 “In the Supermarket of Sorrow”: Melancholic Heteroglosia of the Other India in Arundhati Roy’s The Ministry of Utmost Happiness Dr. Ph.Sanamacha Sharma Article Click Here
52 Self and Subjectivity of Bruce Wayne in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy Madhurantika Sunil Article Click Here
53 Black futurity in Tina M. Campt’s Listening to Images Arifa Banu Article Click Here
54 Getting your Curriculum Vitae right: Tools and Techniques to Chisel Your Academic and Research roles Dr. Sunita Dhankhar Article Click Here
55 Mapping Gender (In)equality among Tribals/Santhals: Myth Vs Reality Teresa Tudu Article Click Here
56 Amish Tripathi’s Immortal India: A Critique on Ancient and Modern Indian Culture Dr Suresh Kumar Article Click Here