Vol. 8, Issue 2 (August 2022)

SNo Topic Name Author Subject Download
1 “From Inaction To Action In Arun Joshi‘s The Foreigner: With The Thought Of The Gita” Dr. Deepa Yadav Article Click Here
2 Synthesizing the Approaches and Critical Pedagogy to Tibetan English Classroom Dr Mahesh Sharma Article Click Here
3 Interaction between Myth and Feminism in Githa Hariharan’s Select Works Insha Qayoom Shah Article Click Here
4 Revisiting "Myth" in Easterine Kire's novel When the River Sleeps Karngam Nyori Article Click Here
5 Comparative Study Of Myth And Rituals In The Select Plays Of Wole Soyinka And Girish Karnad Anuja Mandal Article Click Here
6 India, Indians, and Indianness in Nissim Ezekiel's Poetry Mranalini Singh, Sufia Sultana, Shafia Shahin Article Click Here
7 Struggle for Survival in Lajwanti and Old Bapu by Mulk Raj Anand: A Comparative Study of the stories Navita Article Click Here
8 Specific Disorders Of Literary Translations Chippy Satheesh Article Click Here
9 Portrayal of the New Woman: A Study of Jaishree Misra’s Ancient Promises Ritika Kumari Article Click Here
10 Revisiting the Agony of Partition: An Analysis of Khushwant Singh’s Train to Pakistan Ruchi Nigam Article Click Here
11 An Ecofeminist reading of Temsula Ao’s These Hills Called Home: Stories from War Zone and Mamang Dai’s The Legends of Pensam : An Overview Sanjoy Das Article Click Here
12 Decoding Strategies of Resistance in Gopinath Mohanty’s Paraja Seema Dutta Article Click Here
13 Development, Prosperity and Sustainability: Ecological Considerations in Select Malayalam Novels Tessa Jose Article Click Here
14 Women Vulnerability In The Selected Dramas of Vijay Tendulkar Vishaly Sharma Article Click Here
15 The Color Purple: A Representative Upshot of Alice Walkers ‘Womanism.’ Yasmin Khan Article Click Here
16 The Man In The M’Intosh In Joyce’s Ulysses- Fictional Hoax, Or A Collective Hallucination? Mayukh Bhattacherjee Article Click Here
17 Oppression and Optimism in Gloria Naylor’s The Women of Brewster Place Rashmi Article Click Here
18 Charpatpanjrikastotram Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Sinha Hindi Translation Click Here
19 My Days are yet Green! Dr. Abhishek Kosta Poem Click Here
20 Constructing India’s Northeast: A Study of Violence, Conflict, and Insurgency in the Region Niborna Hazarika Article Click Here
21 Painting As Major Fine Art Tool For Creative Non-Verbal Art Education Kanwaljit Kaur & Dr. Jaswinder Kaur Article Click Here
22 Once Upon a Time: The Influence of Folktales and Legends in the Novels of Alice Walker Dr. Asha Krishnan Article Click Here
23 Why Varieties of Spoken English? Dr. Bipin Bihari Dash Article Click Here
24 “The Forest of Enchantments”: A Feminist Interpretation of the “Ramayan” from Sita’s Perspective Suchitra Rani Mahato Article Click Here
25 Is There Light?” Pankaj Kapoor Poems Click Here
26 Correspondence Ties among Indian Immigrants in Jhumpa Lahiri’s Unaccustomed Earth Neha Article Click Here