Vol.1, Issue 1 (June 2015)

SNo Topic Name Author Subject Download
1 Iniquitous Practice Of Caste Discrimination In Karnad’s Tale-Danda Dr. Sheena Abraham Article Click Here
2 The Representation Of Agony During Partition As Shown In M S Sathyu’s Film “Garm Hawa” Ms Rekha Paresh Parmar Article Click Here
3 Subversion Of The ‘Indian Woman’ Myth In Jaishree Mishra’s Ancient Promises: A Critical Study Neethu Das.K Article Click Here
4 The Old Vessel Filled With New Wine: A Reading Of Shashi Deshpande’s The Binding Vine Through The Revisionist Lens. Neelam Sanwal Bhardwaj Article Click Here
5 Women And Violence: Meena Alexander’s Nampally Road In Context Manjari Shukla Article Click Here
6 Gender And Resistance In Nalini Jameela’s The Autobiography Of A Sex Worker Manasi Maharana Article Click Here
7 Crime And Punishment Of The Seductress And Nurturer: Mahesh Elkunchwar’s Garbo Dr Saurabh Kumar Singh Article Click Here
8 Role Of Fun Activities In The Acquisition Of Spoken Fluency In The ESL Classes Of Adults Dr. Sushil Kumar Article Click Here
9 “That Is No Country For…” Fragmented Nation, Nationhood And Quest For A ‘National Identity’ In Kiran Desai’s The Inheritance Of Loss: An Analysis Anindya Sundar Polley Article Click Here
10 The Concept Of Humanism In Dr. Mahendra Bhatnagar’s Poems: For Human Dignity A K Chaturvedi Article Click Here
11 Pigmented Poetic Passage Of D.C.Chambial Dr. Arbind Kumar Choudhary Article Click Here
12 Langston Hughes’ ‘The Negro Speaks Of Rivers’: A Deconstructive Reading. S. Veeramani Article Click Here
13 Pathos And Social Tragedy In John Galsworthy’s Silver Box L .Santhosh Kumar Article Click Here
14 The Gendered Urban Space: Sister Carrie As The New Woman Dr. Swati Mukerji Article Click Here
15 Teaching English To Rural Learners: Problems, Prospects And Perspectives Krishna Nand Mishra Article Click Here
16 Shifting Of Paradigms From Private Sphere To Public Sphere In Anita Nair’s Ladies Coupe Dr Shiv Govind Puri Article Click Here
17 E. M. Forster: Novels, Films And Representation Of Homosexuality A Reading Of A Passage To India, A Room With A View, Howards End And Maurice Abhishek Chowdhury Article Click Here
18 The Door Into The Dark: A Door Into Seamus Heaney’s Own Self And Irish History Nagendra Singh Gangola Article Click Here
19 In Praise Of Ghatotkach Prof. A.N. Dwivedi Poem Click Here
20 On Reading Langston Hughes’s “Theme For English B” Thus Spake A Woman Dr. Susheel Kumar Sharma Poem Click Here
21 Love, Not Love! Oxymoron S.B. Farheen Fathima Poem Click Here
22 Consumer of History Producer of History R Meganathan Ph.D. Poem Click Here
23 Shadows... Nisha Jha Poem Click Here
24 Underbelly Recipe Sashibhusan Rath Poem Click Here
25 Superfluous Dichotomies Chimera Dr. Simmi Gurwara Poem Click Here
26 Silent Night Recycling Earth Dr. Shobha Diwakar Poem Click Here
27 Temple Of Leave A Monologue Priyaranjan Das Poem Click Here
28 Love Amidst The Chaotic Society Life Gurudev Kushal Poem Click Here
29 The Wall Bidisha Pal Poem Click Here
30 A Soul In Love, What I Aspire To Be… Dr. Amit Sharma Poem Click Here
31 The Poet Is Born An Appeal To The Beloved Bhawna Singh Poem Click Here
32 Fears.... Shivranjani Gandhi Poem Click Here
33 Woman Renu Bharti Poem Click Here
34 A Justified Demand Sridhar Venkatasubramanian Story Click Here
35 The Caretaker Namitha Varma Story Click Here
36 An Interview With Poet Arbind Kumar Choudhary Chiraranjan Roy Interview Click Here
37 An Interview With Geetika Kohli, The Youngest Poetess From Jammu And Kashmir Waseem Majid Interview Click Here
38 The Women Of The Mahabharata, The Question Of Truth Dr. Shreya Chatterji Book Review Click Here
39 The Jump Arpan Adhikary Translation Click Here