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Vol. 10, Issue 1 (June 2024)

SNo Topic Name Author Subject Download
1 A Speculative Analysis of Matthew Arnold's "Doing as One Likes" Sanjoy Kumar Bera Article Click Here
2 Chinua Achebe’s Political Legacy to the African intellectual: A Discourse Analysis of Ikem Osodi’s “The Tortoise and the Leopard: A Political Meditation on the Imperative of Struggle.” in Anthills of the Savannah. Katufya wa Katufya Article Click Here
3 Behavioral Transformations in B.Ed Students of School of Education Bhaderwah Campus through Interaction with Special Needs Children: A Case Study Vimal Kumar Article Click Here
4 Break of Patriarchal Codes: A Study of Dattani's Where There's a Will Dr. A. D. Akhade Article Click Here
5 Bridging Worlds: Tagore's Universal View in Gora Dr. Phani Kiran & Brindha B Article Click Here
6 Urban Wilderness: An Ecocritical Exploration Of Cityscapes Vaibhav Arora Article Click Here
7 An Ecofeminist Reading of Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye Arunima Singh Article Click Here
8 Tracing the history of Eco-feminist perspectives in Indian Fiction Katyayani Shukla & Aishwarya Gupta Article Click Here
9 Ekphrastic Poetry – The New Old Form of Poetry over the Ages Tracing the history of ekphrastic poetry Sony Narendrasinh Zala Article Click Here
10 Monarchs And Their Sense Of Despair Shana Parveen Article Click Here
11 Essence of Natural Elements that are Portrayed in Ruskin Bond’s Selected Short Stories Nabajit Debnath & Dr. Jhuma Majumder Article Click Here
12 “Goblin Market”: Kleptomania and Consumer Culture of 19th Century England Niku Chetia Article Click Here
13 Nature and Beauty: A New Critical Analysis of William Wordsworth’s My Heart Leaps Up! Jean-Marie Kazadi LUSUNA Article Click Here
14 Environmental Humanity and Discriminatory Practices: Examining Arundhati Roy’s Non-Fictional Works Dr. Sunita Article Click Here
15 Unveiling Feminine Identities: An Exploration of Anita Desai’s Fire on the Mountain, and Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s The Forest of Enchantments Prabhat Kumar Article Click Here
16 Memory as a Counterstatement Against Time in the Novels of Marcel Proust Rahul Sharma & Dr. Ashutosh Dubey Article Click Here
17 The Theme of Humour in the Select Short Stories of Mulk Raj Anand Ajeet Singh Article Click Here
18 A Critical Study of Ecological Damage and Cultural Displacement in Amitav Ghosh’s The Living Mountain:A Fable for Our Times Proma Goswami Article Click Here
19 Readng Dalit Identity Through Literary Texts Rohit Pritam Article Click Here
20 Shifting Paradigms: Women’s Roles in the films Pakeezah and Mirch Masala Dr. Meenakshi Dey & Dr. Jyoti Doley Article Click Here
21 Threads of Transformation: Education as the Catalyst for Female Agency in Select Narratives of Easterine Kire Asharani V Article Click Here
22 The Idea of Truth Explored by W. B. Yeats and W. H. Auden Bhavya Bhardwaj Article Click Here
23 Michael Madhusudan Dutta: A Critical Examination Of His Social Thought Harekrishna Barman, Mahadeb Das, Partha Sarathi Mandal & Kshiroda Roy Article Click Here
24 Contours of Poetry in the Tragedies of William Shakespeare and Thomas Hardy Rohit Pritam Article Click Here
25 A Case Study on the Decline in B.Ed. Enrolment at Bhaderwah Campus, University of Jammu Neetu Parihar & Mohd Amir Article Click Here
26 Lamenting Loss, Trauma, and the Memories of Partition: Evaluating ‘Partition Poetry’ Dr. Shanta Surejya Article Click Here
27 The Middle-Class Value Theme in Arthur Miller's and Mahesh Dattani's Works Meghana Rajput Article Click Here
28 Critique on the interviews of Dr S K Sharma in “Sightlines: View Points on Susheel Kumar Sharma’s The Door is Half Open”. Dr. I D Tiwari Book Review Click Here
29 Draupadi: An Ecopsychological Reading Reena Kumari & Dr Rajesh Kumar Article Click Here
30 Revealing The Truth: How Gender, Caste and Social Order are still a stigma in the context of the Present and literary world Nisha Kumari & Dr. Shiv Kumar Yadav Article Click Here
31 How Manipulation Theory Can Be Correlated With The Sequences Of Epic Mahabharata Udhav Krishna & Prof. (Dr.) Namita Singh Article Click Here
32 Usage Of Militant Control, Sense Of Authority And Unbalanced Power With Mistaken Legalistic Validation In Joseph Heller’s Catch-22 Dr. Kamalakar Baburao Gaikwad Article Click Here
33 Memory, Nostalgia and Changing Dynamics of “being” and “becoming”: A Comparative Study of Adib khan’s Spiral Road and Manju Kapur’s The Immigrant Priya Kharyal Article Click Here
34 Interrogating Rigidity of Caste and Religion A Study of Aravind Malagatti's 'Government Brahmana' Dr Prabuddh Ananda Article Click Here
35 Language and Dialect of Himachal Pradesh Shradha Shandil Article Click Here
36 Literature and Customs of Himachal Pradesh Shradha Shandil Article Click Here
37 Journey of self discovery in the Novel Nampally Road by Meena Alexander Dr. R.Sudha Article Click Here
38 Ethos of Voluntary Exile in Bharati Mukherjee’s The Tiger’s Daughter Dr. M. Divya Article Click Here
39 We behold what we are, and we are what we behold : A Study of the Graphic as the site of Resistance in Mahabharata Dr. Rashmi Sharma Article Click Here
40 Representation of Identity and Culture in Caribbean Verses: A Study of Derek Walcott’s Poetry Rajkumar Singh Article Click Here
41 Soliloquies in Hamlet: A Structural and Comparative Analysis Dr. Garima Jain Article Click Here
42 Tribal Perspectives in India: Critical Responses by Dipak Giri Antara Biswas Book Review Click Here