Vol.3, Issue 4 (December 2017)

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1 Pragmatic-Prerequisites of Cognitive Psychological Aspects for Contemporary Learners in Present Academia - An Empirical View Dr.A.PavaniSasidhar Article Click Here
2 Search for Self in Margaret Laurence’s ‘The Diviners’ Dr.SeethaBalakrishnan Article Click Here
3 Fraternity Amidst Violence: A Study Of SelectedShort Fiction SheebaParveen Article Click Here
4 Voicing For Space: ManjuKapur’s Custody Dr. ShubhraJamwal Article Click Here
5 Paranormal as the Tool for the Exploration of Insanity in Yakshi by MalayatturRamakrishnan Anju OK Article Click Here
6 A Black Boy and The Outcaste: A Comparative Study Mr. Arun D. Akhade Article Click Here
7 Translating ShankhaGhosh’s Bangla poem ‘Kabar’ into English Dr. ArunPramanik Article Click Here
8 Male and Female Gaze in Bollywood Films Ashima Jose Article Click Here
9 William Hazlitt: Distinguished Practical Critic of WilliamShakespeare MohdSuleman Article Click Here
10 Diaspora: A Chronological Study with Indian and Indo-Anglian Milieu Dr. Neeraj Jain Article Click Here
11 AmitavGhosh’s The Hungry Tide: An Ecocritical Reading Uma Maheswary. B. G. Article Click Here
12 Hyderabad Symbolises Indian Unity in Diversity in Selected Novels Zohra and a Shift in the Wind - A Perceptive Study VenkannaRachakonda Article Click Here
13 Thematic Ambiguity in William Faulkner’s A Rose for Emily Tara Prasad Adhikari Article Click Here
14 The Man Who Refused to Play the Game: A Postcolonial Existential Reading of the Magistrate in Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians ShradhaSudhir Article Click Here
15 “Analysis of Consumption of Female Body and Identity in Margaret Atwood’s The Edible Women” Sandra Maria Kuriakose Article Click Here
16 MeenaKandasamy: A rebellious spirit and emerging voice of Dalit Women’s writing Aejaz Ahmad Malla Article Click Here
17 Gender Discrimination and class struggle in Arundhati Roy’s “The God Of Small Things” RuchikaKumari Article Click Here
18 Documentation with Special Reference to Work Cited and in-text Citation Roshan Singh Article Click Here
19 Sea Life and Culture in Hemmingway’s Old Man and the Sea Dr. S. Barathi Article Click Here
20 Research and Its Types Roshan Singh Article Click Here
21 Till Death Do Us Apart: Marriage Is the True Terror To Walk Away or To Try Harder Dr. (Ms) Irene Philip Article Click Here
22 Relevance of Teaching Grammar at Initial School Level Priti Article Click Here
23 Making the Elements Animal-Like : Therio-Elemental Representations in Gerald Durrell’s The Bafut Beagles and Golden Bats and Pink Pigeons SudiptoChowdhury Article Click Here
24 Surviving the Marital Violence in MeenaKandasamy’s When I Hit You Dr. B. Sasipriya Article Click Here
25 Expatriate Sensibility in JhumphaLahiri’s The Namesake and Kiran Desai’s The Inheritance of Loss Chitra.V.S Article Click Here
26 Postmodern Techniques In The Novels Of AmitavGhosh Dr.J.Vijayalakshmi Article Click Here
27 Anita Desai’s Cry, The Peacock As Psychological Novel Dr . E. Kumar Article Click Here
28 ShashiDeshpande’s That Long Silence As A Psychological Novel Dr . E. Kumar Article Click Here
29 Writing the Body as Resistance: Celebration of Female Sexuality in the Poetry of MeenaKandasamy and LeenaManimekalai Emily Paul Article Click Here
30 Hybrid Cultural Identity of Tara Banerjee Cartwright in Mukherjee’s The Tiger’s Daughter Dr. GurpreetKour Article Click Here
31 Social Structure As Encoded In Language: A Study Among The Pakhtoons Of Jammu And Kashmir Humaira Khan Article Click Here
32 Alienation in Colour and Narrative: An Existentialist Reading of Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby Humam Salah Sameen Article Click Here
33 Filming The Guide – A Comparison Of RK Narayan’s Guide And DevAnand’s Guide HuzaifaPandit Article Click Here
34 Living on the Edge: Women in Khalid Hosseini’s Novel The Kite Runner Imtiyaz Ahmad Tantray Article Click Here
35 Rejuvenating Times of the Yearning Childhood in R. K. Narayan’s Swami and Friends Dr. Indu Sharma Article Click Here
36 Making Modern India Through Literary Renaissance Dr. J.Bheemaiah Article Click Here
37 A Modern Miranda: Revisiting Nadine Gordimer’s The Lying Days Bandana Sharma Article Click Here
38 A Journey towards a Symbolic Centre: A Portrayal of the Dalit Mothers in Some Selected Dalit Poems Dipak Barman Article Click Here
39 Persuasion, Power and Pressure of Life on Literature- an interface in Ruskin Bond’s The Room on the Roof K. Kaviyarasu Article Click Here
40 Plurality of Truth: A Narrative Analysis of ShashiTharoor’s Riot Kazim Ali Article Click Here
41 Censorship, Corruption and Surveillance in Art: A Case Study of Kashmiri Theatre Khalid Amin Article Click Here
42 Reviewing “Heart of Darkness” : An Environmental Perspective LavanyaLata Article Click Here
43 The Prologue To Canterbury Tales : A Portrait Gallery Of Fourteenth Century Society VarunArya Article Click Here
44 Bitter Wormwood: A Tale of Struggle and Sufferings of the Naga People PravinThorat Article Click Here
45 Representation Of Women In India With Reference To The Play “Kanyadaan” By Vijay Tendulkar SubhadarshiniMallick Article Click Here
46 The Female Self in JaishreeMisra’s Ancient Promises and Afterwards Ms. SherineAllena Joseph Article Click Here
47 Magical Realism in Sarah Addison Allen’s The Girl Who Chased the Moon S.Anugraha Article Click Here
48 Relation between English Language Anxiety and Achievement in English of Higher Secondary Students in the District of Bankura, West Bengal RajibSaha Article Click Here
49 Keats As A Pictorial Poet Dr. Pankaj Sharma Article Click Here
50 ‘A Peep into The “Urban”: An Analysis of theme of Modernity in Karnad’s ‘Boiled Beans on Toast’ Neethu P Antony Article Click Here
51 India As A Novel: A Critical Study Of River Of Fire NehaMandhotra Article Click Here
52 Healer to Destroyer; A Study on the Hybrid Aesthetic Approach to Music and Language through Anna Smaill’s The Chimes NehaSoman Article Click Here
53 A Study of Woman Psyche in Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Low Land Ms.M.Jeeva Article Click Here
54 Santiago’s Victory in Defeat in Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea MamtaMahendru Article Click Here
55 Novel as a Nation and Nation as a Novel: a Study of QurratulainHyder’sAagka Darya Mitali Bhattacharya Article Click Here
56 ‘Exit West’ Of Mohsin Hamid: An Analysis In The Light Of Global Migration Crisis MuhammedSalahudheen V P Article Click Here
57 Representing Identity, Agency and the Subaltern: A Study of Mahasweta Devi’s Draupadi NusratChowdhary Article Click Here
58 Polyandry-A Catalyst to Draupadi’s Identity Formation as Depicted in Yajnaseni Parvathy V Article Click Here
59 “The Firefly” A Translation of Iqbal’s Poem Abdul Rashid Dar Translation Click Here
60 Victim of Women Ansulika Paul Poem Click Here
61 The Point K.Bhargavi Poem Click Here
62 Do Not Let Me Be Me Neenu Angelo Poem Click Here
63 Translation of JaiprakashKardam’s Poem “Shabd” in English “Words” SheebaParveen Translation Click Here
64 Ode To Dandelion SomenathSarkar Poem Click Here
65 A Saga of Variegated Moods RimniChakravarty Poem Click Here
66 Agent Of God Roshan Singh Poem Click Here
67 The Guy, who breaks the Rule and sets the Trend....... AkashSatpati Story Click Here
68 The MaoliMohul Tree AnandMahanand Story Click Here
69 The Village Boy Farhad Ahmad Pir Story Click Here
70 Translation of Anwar Kamar’s Urdu Short Story “ROTI RISAAN” In English SheebaParveen Translation Click Here
71 Devouring the Chauvinism SmitaMohanty Story Click Here
72 Use of Exempli Gratia In Literary criticism Tarique Khan Essay Click Here
73 Emerging Techniques, Methods and Trends in ELT A. Manoj Article Click Here
74 Politics of Race, Power and Gender: An Analysis of Bessie Head’s Maru Dr. Indu Koul Article Click Here
75 Streamlining an Effective Maritime English for future Maritime Professionals: A View from Pragmatic Perspective Professor Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman & Hussain Ahmed Liton Article Click Here
76 Analysing Eco-Feminism And Sisterhood In Katherine Center’s The Lost Husband Johna Rose Article Click Here
77 Marital Discord in R.K. Narayan’s The Dark Room Dr. Vinita Shukla Article Click Here