Vol. 3, Issue 5 (February 2018)

SNo Topic Name Author Subject Download
1 Re-reading Hind Swaraj in Contemporary Times Divya Rajeev Article Click Here
2 Journey of Self Discovery in M.G.Vassanji’s The Assassin’s Song Abisha. X Article Click Here
3 Understanding Progressivism through Tarpan: The Film Mr. Ajay Kumar Yadav Article Click Here
4 Need of Teaching Remedial English Grammar to Indian Students Ms. Aliya Perween Article Click Here
5 The Gender Mystique: Gender Roles in Cooking Shows of Malayalam Television Arathi Lal B Article Click Here
6 Revisiting God: Tagore's Poems versus the Poems of the Western world. A Comparison and Contrast Arjun Kundu Article Click Here
7 Unravelling the Misconceptions of Feminism as a Bad Word in India A. Syed Ali Fathima Article Click Here
8 Hawthorne’s Artistry: A Technical Study of The Scarlet Letter Bemi. C. M Article Click Here
9 Treatment of Gandhi as a Religious and Social Reformer in J.B. Kripalani’s Gandhi: His Life and Thought Dr. Pramod Kumar Article Click Here
10 John Milton: An Appraisal of His Life and Poetry Abdul Rashid Dar Article Click Here
11 Ecological Consciousness in the Novels of AmitavGhosh Dr. M. Sreelatha Article Click Here
12 Using smart phone for English langauge teaching M.Thangaraj Article Click Here
13 Reader Response Theory: An Efficacious Tool to Children’s Literature Dr.J.Sripadmadevi Article Click Here
14 Play of Power and Knowledge in Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest Josephin Shamini. P Article Click Here
15 The Other side of the Toon: Analyzing the positives of Comics Kristy M John Article Click Here
16 2 States by ChetanBhagat and its film adaptation: A study in terms of elements of social reconstruction Himanshu K Upadhyay Article Click Here
17 Relationship a mode to Self Discovery and Spiritual Realization in Meeting Lives Madhumadhi Swaminathan Article Click Here
18 An Analysis Of Postmodern Elements in Italo Calvino’s If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller Meera Babu Article Click Here
19 English Language In Multilingual Post-Independent India Dr. M. Rameshwor Singh Article Click Here
20 Subtle Threads: Poetry and Society Dr. Parneet Jaggi Article Click Here
21 Unscripting the Patriarchal Script: Gender Identity in Media Ads KARTHIKA S Article Click Here
22 A Comparative Study of Wordsworth, Frost, and BalkaviThombre Mr. Arun D. Akhade Article Click Here
23 Wilhelm's Strategies and Teaching of English at the Secondary Level in Libya: A Prescriptive Approach Regarding Reading Skills Hussein Faraj. A. Albozeidi Article Click Here
24 Media/ Narratives and Gender Performatives Jaya Upadhyay Article Click Here
25 Multilingualism In Multicultural Context: The Case Of Manipur Dr. M. Rameshwor Singh & Dr. H. Subrata Singh Article Click Here
26 An Estimate Of Nature In Robert Browning’s Poetry RUSHANA PARVEEN Article Click Here
27 Hindu Mythology And Its Profound Propensity Visualized In Bharati Mukherjee’s Novels R.Vidyavathi Article Click Here
28 Representation of Father-Daughter Relationship in Rukogi Nahin Radhika Dr. Sajeena Gayathrri Article Click Here
29 Feminist Spatial Concept and Strategy in The Bell Jar and “A Room of One’s Own”: Constructed Claustrophobia and Sense of Liberation Sampuja Ganguly Article Click Here
30 Theyyam Caste : Reconstructed and Reinforced Rekha Johnson Article Click Here
31 Psychological Sufferings of Characters in ManjuKapur’s Custody due to Discard in Nuptial Bond G. Vijayarenganayaki Article Click Here
32 George Eliot’s flawed women-Hetty and Rosamond Rizvana Parveen Article Click Here
33 A Critical Review of the Movie Frahnaz Yousefi Article Click Here
34 Alienation As The Major Theme In The Poetry Of Nissim Ezekiel Dr. Asim Article Click Here
35 Reminiscence in The Unknown Errors of Our Lives Dr. Rupali Chaturvedi Article Click Here
36 Robert Fergusson’s Life, Career and the Scottish poetic Tradition Dr.Shajar Uddin Article Click Here
37 A sociological study of educational status, occupational structure, family pattern and kinship basis in a slum area of Bhopal city (MP) Farooq Ahmad Ganiee Article Click Here
38 American Literature and Culture in the Post-War Years Shazia Perween Article Click Here
39 Divided Faces: On the Subversion of Essentialism and Essential Identities in Kolatkar’s Jejuri Sonali Arvind Chunodkar Article Click Here
40 The Theme Of Partition And National Identity In AmitavGhosh’s The Shadow Lines Dr. S. Sobana Article Click Here
41 “Bounded in a nutshell, still counting myself a King of infinite space.......” Subrata Bhattacharyya Article Click Here
42 Postcolonial Threads in Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus Miss Suman Kumari Article Click Here
43 Twining Of Landscape With Emotions In Sangam Poetry Sharmila Rani A Article Click Here
44 Caste and Gender Oppression of Dalit women: A Study of the Works of Bama Suraya Jan Article Click Here
45 Reading Khaled Hosseini’s novels through the lenses of Orientalism Sushree Smita Raj Article Click Here
46 The Antediluvian Feminist Spirit as Found in Sophocles’ Antigone and Ilango’s Kannaki: A Comparative Study Dr. S. Arockia Anto Anita Article Click Here
47 Themes in Roy’s The Ministry of Utmost Happiness Satish Singh Article Click Here
48 The Metaphysical Poetry Varun Arya Article Click Here
49 Gender Performativity: An Exploration of Gender Configuration and Masculine Identity in PerumalMurugan’s One Part Woman and D.H.Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover R. Vijay Karthick, S.Garret Raja Immanuel Article Click Here
50 Portrayal of Women in High School English Literature: A Reflection of Society? Ainu Borah Article Click Here
51 New Techniques for Teaching English Grammar Aliya Perween Article Click Here
52 The New Generation Films Thattathin Marayathu and Ustad Hotel: Going Modern or Traditional? Annu Sabu Palathingal Article Click Here
53 The Rivals As An Anti-Sentimental Comedy A. Thirumani Aarthilaxmi Article Click Here
54 Oppression, Resistance and Surrender of Maya in Shobha De’s “Second Thoughts” Dr. B. Venkata Ramana & Dr. C. Pradgna Article Click Here
55 Word Formation Processes in Bhaderwahi Humaira Khan & Afreen Nazir Article Click Here
56 Defying Bigotries: An Analysis of Select works of Contemporary Malayalam Dalit Poet S. Joseph Vinu C. James Article Click Here
57 Thoughts… Jilu Jose Devasia Poem Click Here
58 Fear Fear Fear Pratishtha Shyam Poem Click Here
59 My Only Wish S.A. Nilam Poem Click Here
60 “ Ode to the Sun” An English Translation of Iqbal’s Urdu poem Abdul Rashid Dar Poem (Translation) Click Here
61 Scattered Souls Nayeem Ahmad Shah Book Review Click Here
62 Robert Frost: The Voice of the World Rimni Chakravarty Essay Click Here
63 Poetry of Kamala Das: A Plea for Longing and Belonging Shalini Sharma Article Click Here
64 Subversion of Identity through English Ms. Ranisha R Article Click Here
65 Narrative analysis of Enid Blyton series of Malory Towers Ashwini Shajan Article Click Here
66 Adapting Comics to Film: Not a Cakewalk S Manoj Article Click Here
67 Saadat Hasan Manto: Cartographer of Feminine Physic and Psyche Vikash Choudhary Article Click Here
69 Home: The Fulcrum of unity and love in Louise Erdrich's Love Medicine Dr. Manju Kumari. K Article Click Here