Vol. 3, Issue 6 (April 2018)

SNo Topic Name Author Subject Download
1 Inclusive Education Implementation Challenges In Hyderabad Dr. Sandhya Tiwari Article Click Here
2 Know Thyself: Quest For Identity In Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s The Mistress Of Spices Jennifer Flora Garrett Article Click Here
3 Quest for Women’s Identity and Independence in Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s The Vine of Desire Jennifer Flora Garrett Article Click Here
4 The Delineation of Despair through the old man and the old waiter in A Clean Well-Lighted Place: Ernest Hemingway M Muthu Deepa Article Click Here
5 “Reading Literature Through Painting: Understanding the narrative of Spanish civil war through a Novel by Hemingway and Painting by Picasso” Anchal Sharma Article Click Here
6 Body as a Sign: Reading Thumpunkal Chathan Athira M Raj Article Click Here
7 Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Remains of the Day as the Post Modern Novel Bhawna Singh Article Click Here
8 Communalism threats humanity: Analyzing Bapsi Sidhwa’s Ice Cady Man Dhanjeet Article Click Here
9 Teaching English Language through Indigenous English Literature Dr. Rajani Moti Article Click Here
10 Sociological Relevance And Perspectives Of Poverty Farooq Ahmad Ganiee Article Click Here
11 Pooro in Amrita Pritam’s Pinjar : An Epitome of Violence against Women Dr. Garima Singh Baghel Article Click Here
12 Crime as a theme in Orwell’s 1984 and its Parallels in the Modern World Justin Philip Cherian Article Click Here
13 Keki N. Daruwalla’s Craftsmanship M. Rajalakshmi Article Click Here
14 The word Woman in the realm of Laura Riding:An Overview Miss Rasmita Kalasi Article Click Here
15 Buddhism: The Root of Humanity Dr. M. S. Wankhede Article Click Here
16 Historical Horrors viewed through the eyes of a child in John Boyne's The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Muthu Mallika N Article Click Here
17 Critical Pedagogy Of A Language Through Stories In A Classroom P. Chithra Article Click Here
18 Understanding the Dynamics of War and Peace in the Light of Tahmima Anam’s A Golden Age and The Good Muslim Papari Kalita Article Click Here
19 A Portrayal of Chandran’s character in R.K. Narayan’s novel “The Bachelor Of Arts” P.Chithra Article Click Here
20 A Study on the Select Literary Works of Temsula Ao, Easterine Kire and Monalisa Chankija as Resistance Literature Poimila Raman Article Click Here
21 Behind the Screen: The Challenges of Film Adaptations in Yann Martel and Ang Lee’s Life of Pi R. Antony Vincily Article Click Here
22 Virginia Woolf’s Modern Fiction: An Assessment Dr. M. Rameshwor Singh Article Click Here
23 Representation of the Ghost in Shakespeare’s Hamlet as Hamlet’s ‘Alter-ego’, voicing out the Mental Anxiety of the Protagonist in the Prison of Denmark Sampuja Ganguly Article Click Here
24 Home and Self-Actualization: A Critical Study of Gloria Naylor’s The Women of Brewster Place Shweta Tiwari Article Click Here
25 Censorship and Dystopia: An analysis of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 Siddhartha Sankar Bhagawati Article Click Here
26 Investigating The Washback Effect Of The English Test At The Secondary And Higher Secondary Level In Meghalaya Sonita Khongwir Article Click Here
27 Memory And Violence In Amitav Ghosh’s The Shadow Lines Subhendu Dutta Article Click Here
28 Mythical Recreation of Home in Satendra Nandan’s Select Short Stories Sunil Kamal Article Click Here
29 “Does Consciousness Control the Life of Characters in the Novels of Virginia Woolf” Md Sujan Sekh Article Click Here
30 The Factual Vision of Indian Philosophy in Arun Joshi’s The Last Labyrinth Thore Dhanaji Vithalrao & Dr Yashwant A. Doke Article Click Here
31 Modern World Waseem Akram Poem Click Here
32 The Struggles Akhi P S Poems Click Here
33 Decadence Rohini Vijayan Poems Click Here
34 Purple Poetry S.A. Nilam Poems Click Here
35 Crush Turned Love & Love Turned? V.S. Pavithra Short Story Click Here
36 Name As Theme And Technique In Jhumpa Lahiri’s Novel The Namesake Gayathri. M Article Click Here
37 Jacques Lacan’s and Julia Kristeva’s Views on Psycho-sexual Development of a Child Ms. Manisha Kale Article Click Here
38 Tribulations Of Akhilandeswari In Anita Nair’s Ladies Coupe: A Feministic Perspective Sukashini M.R. Article Click Here
39 From a Fragmented Self to a Untied Whole: Jaya in Shashi Deshpande’s That Long Silence Dr. Vijeta Gautam Article Click Here
40 Shakespeare’s Thematic Approach in Drama with reference to “As You Like It” Mukesh Soni Article Click Here
41 THE BANGLE SELLER Habib Mohana Short Story Click Here
42 Diasporic Experience Of Exile In The Novels Of M.G.Vassanji Priyanka Singla Article Click Here
43 Predicament of Woman in Bapsi Sidhwas’s The Pakistani Bride Miss Khushboo Chawda Article Click Here
44 William Golding's novel "Lord of the Flies" as a Delineation of the Defects of Human Race Balwant Singh & Altaf Ahmad Ganaie Article Click Here
45 Multicultural Assimilation: A Linguistic Study of Amitav Ghosh’s Sea of Poppies and Wole Soyinka’s Death and the King’s Horseman Dr Shruti Rawal Article Click Here
46 Away From The Crowd To The Call Of The Wild Rimni Chakravarty Short Story Click Here
47 Him And His Women Samya Brata Roy Poem Click Here
48 Working Women And Marital Adjustment: Women Police In M.P. Savita Singh Article Click Here
49 Women Police: Role Adjustment In Family Savita Singh Article Click Here
50 Smile Neha Raina Poems Click Here