Vol. 4, Issue 1 (June 2018)

SNo Topic Name Author Subject Download
1 The Effects of Time to Read on Low Achievement Readers in the Primary School Jixian Wang Article Click Here
2 Diasporic Dilemma in the selected Novels of Romen Basu a lesser known Indian English Writer Iffat Siddiqui Article Click Here
3 Patriarchy and Economic Empowerment of Women in Arupa Patangia Kalita’s The Story of Felanee Rashmita Devi Article Click Here
4 The Futuristic Undertones: Rasadhvani in Advertisements Reshma Mariam Jacob Article Click Here
5 Revisiting ‘indigeneity’: A study of Meena Alexander’s selected writings: The Shock of Arrival, Poetics of Dislocation and Birthplace with Buried Stones Pragnya Parimita Chayani Article Click Here
6 Resisting Patriarchy: A Study of Maya Angelou’s Life-Writings Naseem Choudhary Article Click Here
7 Critiquing Race And Racism: Stereotypes In Wright’s Native Son Partha Protim Bora Article Click Here
8 Exiled at Home : A study of Women’s Folk Songs from South Haryana Sangeeta Kumari Article Click Here
9 A Hermeneutical approach for the fulfillment of women’s identity: A Psychological study of Anita Desai’s Fasting, Feasting and Gita Hariharan’s When Dreams Travel. Dr. Ansa C. Prasad Article Click Here
10 Indianness in Vijay Tendulkar’s Kanyadan Iffat Siddiqui Article Click Here
11 Frustration As The Dominant Theme In Asura And Duryodhana Karthika. P Article Click Here
12 T.S.Eliot’s The Waste Land : an eco-critical study Nibedita Kuiry Article Click Here
13 Scaffolding R.K. Narayan as a Nationalist through his novel “The English Teacher” Iffat B. Siddiqui Article Click Here
14 ‘Religious Love’ in John Donne’s Holy Sonnets and Other poems Koushik Ghosh Article Click Here
15 Impediments in Learning English as Second Language in Tamil Nadu R. John Article Click Here
16 The Harry Potter Series: A Parallel World That Addresses the Central Concerns of Our Era; Racial and Cultural Discrimination and Associated Violence Justin Philip Cherian Article Click Here
17 A Comparative Study of “Women selves” in Tagore’s selected Short stories Koushik Ghosh Article Click Here
18 The Ambiguity of Gender in Mahabharata’s Shikandi K. A. Rabia Article Click Here
19 Some Major Woman Characters in Rabindranath Tagore's Fiction Lily Roy Article Click Here
20 The Language of Space in Austen’s Mansfield Park Manjula Nair Article Click Here
21 A study of the Socio-cultural milieu of the endangered Malayarayar tribe as presented in Narayan’s Kocharethi The Araya woman Reneeta Anna Robert & Dr. Annie Kuriachan Article Click Here
22 Tiresias: A Voice Of Unification And Juxtaposition Sajad Ahmed Article Click Here
23 Gender Stereotype: Dance Like A Man Dr. Thokchom Sunanda Devi & Dr. Charu Chitra Article Click Here
24 The Metaphysical Poetry Varun Arya Article Click Here
25 Institutional and Cultural Bases of Ideology in The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid Vidhiya R & Dr. David ArputhaRaj V. Article Click Here
26 Human Rights Literature: Revisiting the Wounds of History Imran Mulla Article Click Here
27 Thoreau: An Avatar Of Indian Wisdom Dr. Shruti Srivastava Article Click Here
28 The Celebration of the Self: A Journey towards Eternity Rinku Saha Article Click Here
29 Modernistic Topos in the of Short Stories of Mulk Raj Anand Ms Shivangi Bhatt & Dr. Shruti Rawal Article Click Here
30 Writer’s Block Ms.Julia Augustine Poem Click Here
31 Songs Of Beautiful Soul Rima Soni Poems Click Here
32 Out of the Blue Sreedevi.K.S. Poem Click Here
33 Ghazal Vishal Khullar Poems Click Here
34 Victim M. S. Wankhede Story Click Here
35 The Forgotten Cry R. John Story Click Here
36 Review of Approaching Shakespeare Through Comparative Literature Dr. J.Vijayalakshmi Review Click Here
37 Eunice De Souza as a Christian Feminist: An analysis of the selected poems from “A Necklace of Skulls” Animesh Das Article Click Here
38 Elements of Feminism in Vijay Tendulkar’s Plays Kamala and Silence! The Court is in Session Moumita Biswas Article Click Here
39 Symbolism in Ahmed Ali’s ‘Twilight in Delhi’ Tooba Noor, Shahida Baloch, Tarique Awan Article Click Here