Vol. 4, Issue 4 (December 2018)

SNo Topic Name Author Subject Download
1 Marlon James’ A Brief History of Seven Killings: A Historiographic Political Metafiction M.Mariaselvam Article Click Here
2 The Integrated Relation of Poetry and Religion in the Plays of Christopher Marlowe Satrughna Singh Article Click Here
3 Lavender Phrased Gender: Analysis Of LGBTQ Characters In Selected Works Shyama Sasidharan Article Click Here
4 A Study of South Africa and its Multicultural Communities as focused in Nadine Gordimer’s Literary Work Abdul Muqeet Article Click Here
5 Mysterious Desert in Desert Literature: An Exploration Through the Eyes of Asad’s The Road To Makkah Anu Antony Article Click Here
6 Digitising the Gendered Subaltern: A Reading of Female Identity in Cyberspace Aleena S Article Click Here
7 An Analysis of the Christian Ethos in Toru Dutt’s Corpus And Its Co-Relation with Her Depiction of the Ancient Indic Past in Her Works Swarnadeep Sen Article Click Here
8 Deconstruction and Mysticism Sanjit Mandal Article Click Here
9 Deconstruction of Men in Taslima Nasrin’s “At The Back of Progress” And “Happy Marriage” Dr. Madhushri Kallimani Article Click Here
10 Delineation of Indianess in the Poetry of Nissim Ezekiel: A Study of Selected Poems Yasir Ahmad Khanday Article Click Here
11 A Study of Anita Nair’s Alphabet Soup For Lovers: A Typical Food Narrative Sarada P V Article Click Here
12 Different Aspects of Draupadi in Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s “The Palace of Illusions” M. Santhoshkumar Article Click Here
13 Socio-Cultural Study of Doris Lessing’s Selected Novels: With Special References to the Novels - The Grass is Singing, The Golden Notebook, Memoirs of a Survivor, The Fifth Child, Ben in the World and The Sweetest Dream Tripti Thakur Article Click Here
14 E.M. Forster’s use of Symbolism in his Novels Bharat Bhushan Roy Article Click Here
15 Redefining the Domiciliary Power Relations: A Foucauldian Reading of Mistry’s Family Matters Benita Acca Benjamin Article Click Here
16 Duality of Hostland (Routes) and Homeland (Roots) in the Fictional world of Rohinton Mistry Sweta Kumari Jha Article Click Here
17 Portrayal Of Marginalization In Mulk Raj Anand’s Coolie S.Pavith Article Click Here
18 A Battle for Survival: Analysing a Transgender’s Existential Crisis in Njan Marykutty Vidhya Vijayan Article Click Here
19 Mythological Characters Re-Emerge as New Feminists: A Critical Study of Volga's The Liberation of Sita Swethal Ramchandran Article Click Here
20 Recurring Past and History in shaping One’s Identity: Re-Reading Amitav Ghosh’s The Shadow Lines Anannya Gain Article Click Here
21 Post Colonialism And Ngugi Wa Thiong’o’s Concern About And Perspectives On Africa’s Advancement Towards Ideal Statehood, Identity And Independence: Ngugi Wa Thiong’o’s Three Novels:' Weep Not, Child', ' Wizard Of The Crow' And ' The River Betwe Biswajit Chowdhuri & Tanbir Shanawaz Article Click Here
22 War and Silenced Weep: Witnessing Wounds of Childhood Trauma in Sierra Leonean Life Writing Mereena Eappen Article Click Here
23 The Battle in Man-made famine : Hunger as seen in Bhabani Bhattacharya’s So Many Hungers! M. Gayathri Article Click Here
24 Modern Industry And Its Impact With Special Reference To Kamala Markandaya’s “Nectar In A Sieve” S.Gomathy Article Click Here
25 Displacement Of Culture In The Writing Of V.S.Naipaul Pinki Kumari & Dr. Pratibha Gupta Article Click Here
26 Alienation in Bharati Mukherjee’s Miss New India Jenifer R Article Click Here
27 Black is not the colour of womanhood: A study on the desexualisation of black women and consequent homebuilding anxieties amidst African American communities portrayed in the novels of Toni Morrison, Alice Walker and Bebe Moore Campbell Oly Roy Article Click Here
28 Shadow of Modernism and Symbolism in the Poems of Philip Larkin Arindam Patra Article Click Here
29 Oh! Dear, how should I translate you…..? Bismita Manjari Biswal Article Click Here
30 Portrayal of African Women in British Fictions: Postcolonial Reading of Oroonoko, King Solomon’s Mines and Heart of Darkness Meghamandra Mandal Article Click Here
31 Exploring Immigrant’s Experience And Quest For Identity In Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake Sakshi Jain Article Click Here
32 Victimization of the Marginalized: A study of The Storeyed House Aravinth Raja & Aswathi Article Click Here
33 Successful Women Sacrifice Anything for the sake of their families as depicted in ‘The Thousand Faces of Night’ By Gita Hariharan V. Vanitha Jeyakumari Article Click Here
34 Alfred Lord Tennyson’s ‘Home they brought her warrior dead’: A Stylistics study Sanjoy Das Article Click Here
35 Dalit Literature Shantilal Indrabhan Ghegade Article Click Here
36 Manto and the Mahabharata Individualization, Ownership, and Violation of Female Sexuality Anushree Joshi Article Click Here
37 Re-visioning of Myth in Githa Hariharan’s “The Thousand Faces of Night” V. Saravanan Article Click Here
38 The Idea of Nation Building in July’s People Somanand Saraswati Article Click Here
39 Eunuchs: The Tortured Gender Sonia Jayant Article Click Here
40 Brave Queens: A Socio-Gender Perspective in Feminality of Mahesh Dattani’s ‘Bravely Fought the Queen’ and Lloyd Jones’ ‘Here at the End of the World We Learn to Dance’. Abhaysinh V. Deshmukh. Article Click Here
41 Haruki Murakami’s Killing Commendatore Sourav Kumar Das Book Review Click Here
42 Winter’s Rage Aarif Mushtaq Poem Click Here
43 Wailing Heart Bharati Chandrayan Poem Click Here
44 Poor Relations Deepshikha Dixit Poem Click Here
45 Wicked Cake Creams Farahnaz Yousefi Poem Click Here
46 A Love That Was Long Lost Kumar Baibhav Poem Click Here
47 Feather up …! Poorna Pushkala A Poem Click Here
48 Gadgeted Love Rajalakshmi C.S. Poem Click Here
49 My Insatiable Hunger Shirsak Ghosh Poem Click Here
50 I Drowned in Her Eye Sreeparvathy R Poem Click Here
51 Self in Colorful Design Ujjwala Kakarla Poem Click Here
52 The School Inspector Habib Mohana Short Story Click Here
53 Use of Animation Films for Young Learners to Teach English Dhirendrasinh Pravinsinh Rana & Anilkumar Varsat Article Click Here
54 Imagined Piety Mohmad Aslam Najar Poem Click Here
55 Once an Opportunity Mohmad Aslam Najar Poem Click Here
56 The Dehumanised World of Women- Restraints and Constraints in Karnad’s Nagamandala Dr Alka Jain Article Click Here
57 From Fear Set Free: A Brief Study of the Intricacies of Love, Marriage and Man-Woman Relationship Isha Parashar Article Click Here
58 Imprints of Shakespeare’s Themes and Forms on the Indian Theatrical World Dr. Alka Jain Article Click Here
59 Style, Technique and Morality in the Poems of Walt Whitman Dr. Sugandha Agarwal Article Click Here
60 The Realisation of Identity in Dattani’s Dance Like A Man Dr Alka Jain Article Click Here