Vol. 6, Issue 4 (December 2020)

SNo Topic Name Author Subject Download
1 P. Sivakami’s The Grip of Change (1989): A Widow’s Plight in Patriarchy and Caste Structures Dr. D. P. Digole Article Click Here
2 Socio-Cultural Impact of Afghan Rule Firdous Ahmad Tali Article Click Here
3 Critical Pedagogy: A Tool for Social Transformation Dr. Geeta Article Click Here
4 Social Injustice Issues As Reflected In Charles Dickens’s Oliver Twist: A Sociological Approach Gulzar Ahmad Naikoo Article Click Here
5 Visual Repatriation: A Study of the Colonial Anthropometric Photography of the Nagas Imchasenla Article Click Here
6 Autobiographical and Confessional Note in the Poetry of Kamala Das Beena Khati Article Click Here
7 The contribution of Freud’s theories to the literary analysis of two Victorian novels: Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre Midhun P Jose Article Click Here
8 Ramo Folktales: An Ecocritical Study Nasi Koje Article Click Here
9 Relevance of English in the contemporary Indian situation M. Rameshwor Singh Article Click Here
10 Gendered Roles of Ritual Performance in Dow’s Far and Beyon Nono Kgafela- Mokoka Article Click Here
11 Framing Environmental Concerns: An Ecocritical Analysis of Select Films Numana Ibrahim Bhat Article Click Here
12 Treatment of Science in John Fowles’s The French Lieutenant’s Woman Animesh Biswas Article Click Here
13 Politics of Tolerance and Cinematic Representation: An analysis of Vinod Chopra’s Mission Kashmir and Shojit Sircar’s Yahaan Aqib Javaid Parry Article Click Here
14 Queer Space: Position in various contexts of Modernity Arpita Sardar Article Click Here
15 A Study Of The Novel 'The Immortals Of Meluha' In Amish Tripathi's Shiva Trilogy Boyapati Samrajya Lakshmi Article Click Here
16 The Tempest and Treatment of the Grotesque Debasmita Nag Article Click Here
17 Mary McCarthy and Ecocriticism with Special Reference to Birds of America Gulfam Article Click Here
18 Rabindranath Tagore’s Views on Science and Spiritualism Dr. Kiran Sharma Article Click Here
19 Sameness Connecting ‘Ecosophy’ With The Natural Self Of Bolai In The Short Story “Bolai” By Rabindranath Tagore Mantu Ghosh Article Click Here
20 Roman Jakobson’s Theory of Poetic Appreciation in Relation to Linguistics Aktar Islam Article Click Here
21 Representation of Familial Change and Continuity in Upamanyu Chatterjee’s The Last Burden (1993) Arun Ghorai Article Click Here
22 A Study of Mysticism : Neo Paganism, Buddhism And Christianity Mohit Kumar Article Click Here
23 Gender Binary: The Line Drawn By The ‘Scandalous’ Women Of Manto Pragya Jha Article Click Here
24 Re-evaluation of Literature in the context of Religion: A Study of Mulk Raj Anand’s Novels Prakash Eknath Navgire Article Click Here
25 George Orwell’s Burmese Days: Imperialism as a Degenerative Force Prakhar Kumar Article Click Here
26 ICT: The Bustling Way To Disseminate Knowledge Prashant Jambhulkar Article Click Here
27 Travelling to the vistas of peace and rest: A comparative study of spirituality and mysticism in Henry Vaughan’s “Peace” and George Herbert’s “The Pulley” S. Alfred Pravin Article Click Here
28 COVID-19: Nature’s Call For Balance Sarika Manwani Article Click Here
29 Theater as the Means of Distressing the Damsel Srushti Ravisinh Zala Article Click Here
30 A Lonely Wanderer A. Raihana Barvin Poem Click Here
31 Metanoia Ashwakrānta Patrī Poem Click Here
32 Women Homeless Born Pankaj Sharma Poem Click Here
33 Thirst Won The War Against Water Shujaat Hussain Poem Click Here
34 I Don't See You As Double Anymore! Shivadatta Prabhu Short Story Click Here