Vol. 6, Issue 6 (April 2021)

SNo Topic Name Author Subject Download
1 The Catharsis of Science Fiction: A re-reading of George Orwell’s 1984 from Contemporary Psycho-Sociological Perspective Abhijith R. & Dr. Anne Angeline Abraham Article Click Here
2 Vikas Swarup’s Q & A: Growing Up in Neoliberal India Abhisek Upadhyay Article Click Here
3 Division and Corruption as Recurrent Themes in African Literature: A Socio-critical Approach Marie-Ange Binti L. Alfani Article Click Here
4 Three Women Voices: A Feminist Reading of Paula Vogel’s Desdemona: A Play about a Handkerchief Anuradha Dasani Article Click Here
5 Diasporic Consciousness in Amitav Ghosh’s The Shadow Lines Dr. Bharati Sukalal Khairnar Article Click Here
6 A Study Of The Novel ‘The Oath Of The Vayuputras’ In Amish Tripathi’s Shiva Trilogy Dr. Boyapati Samrajya Lakshmi Article Click Here
7 Bringing Classic Musical Theatre to the Popular Audience: Joseph Papp’s Approach to Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance Brian David Phillips Article Click Here
8 Accelerating Evolution Of Species In Doris Lessing Canopus In Argos : A Critique Dr. D. N. Ganjewar Article Click Here
9 Life after Life Dr. Ekta Sawhney Article Click Here
10 Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s Petals of Blood (1977): A Narrative of Intertextuality Govind Rasal Article Click Here
11 Jokha Alharthi’s Celestial Bodies: Art Of Characterization Dr. Shabih Nafis Ahmed Article Click Here
12 Ashad Ka Ek Din by Mohan Rakesh: A Tragic Tale of Love, Loss, Longing and Sacrifice Malika Mand Article Click Here
13 Hellenic Strain In John Keats's Poetry Maneesh Kanchan Article Click Here
14 Novels of Mulk Raj Anand: A Thematic Study Manzoor Ahmad Wani Article Click Here
15 Salman Rushdie- A Silver Lining in a Cloudy Sky Nakul Grover Article Click Here
16 A Saga of Women’s Oppression: A View from Baldwin’s ‘What The Body Remembers Nidhi Joshi Article Click Here
17 Representing Nation in Literature: Portrayal of Postcolonial India in the Works of Shashi Tharoor Prabhrati Sen Article Click Here
18 Element of Sensuousness in Keats's Poetry Prakhar Kumar Article Click Here
19 Contagion to Quarantine: Literary Analysis of Cataclysmic Change Dr. Ruchi Tomar Article Click Here
20 Toru Dutt's "Our Casuarina Tree" : An Exploration of Its Significance to Global Ecological Harmony Alok Chandra Article Click Here
21 Communal Disharmony, Violence and Human Relationships in M. J. Akbar’s Blood Brothers: A Family Saga Manisha Rai Article Click Here
22 Efficacy and challenges of Virtual mode of teaching /learning foreign language Dr. Sumit Gupta Article Click Here
23 "Fifty Percent Illusion": Blanche's Struggling Femininity in A Streetcar Named Desire Tanya Lohan Article Click Here
24 A. D. Hope as a Poet of Australian Reality Dr. Tarit Agrawal Article Click Here
25 Developing Creative Writing Skills among the Students at Secondary Level through Authentic Materials V. Ramaiah Chary Article Click Here
26 A Review of Lady Macbeth by Susan King a Novel Published in the Year 2008, Reprint Edition, 2009, Publisher: Crown, Paperback: 368 pages Dr. Savita A Patil & Jaishree Premkumar Article Click Here
27 Terror Meenakshi F Paul Short Story Click Here
28 Wildfire Alok Chandra Poem Click Here
29 A Slap! Debdoot Mukherjee Poem Click Here
30 Sable Shroud Kuhoo Singh Poem Click Here
31 The Punishment Nagaraj K Poem Click Here
32 Think in Cool Dr. Meera Vasani Poem Click Here
33 Life On-screen Dr. Meera Vasani Poem Click Here
34 Desire as a Contemporary Predicament: A Study of Pratibha Ray’s Ahalya A woman’s Eternal Quest for love Dr Geetanjali Rathore Article Click Here
35 Mahesh Dattani’s Preoccupation with Patriarchy and Gender in Where There’s a Will Dr Suresh Kumar Article Click Here