Vol. 7, Issue 2 (August 2021)

SNo Topic Name Author Subject Download
1 Murder in the Classroom: Mystery Role Plays for English as a Foreign Language Brian David Phillips Article Click Here
2 "Return Again Like the Birds" - Representation of nature and environmental concerns in Ruskin Bond's "A Little World of Mud" Debayan Das Article Click Here
3 Studying Dr Faustus from Renaissance Perspective Habibur Rahaman Article Click Here
4 Cultural Amalgamation of Love and Marriage from Austen’s Pride and Prejudice to Chadha’s Bride and Prejudice Luna Johny Article Click Here
5 The Folk Tale: An Exploration of Chandrashekar Kambar’s Jokumaraswami Dr Patil Sangita Sharnappa Article Click Here
6 Lessons from Brechtian theatre for Journalism Ram Prakash Maurya Article Click Here
7 A Chronicle of Violence, Terror, Displacement and Suffering: Reviewing “Chitra Nadir Pare” and “Meghe Dhaka Tara” through The Lens of Partition Rifath Afrin Anaholy Easha, Sirajum Munir Tareq, Tasnova Zaman Meem Article Click Here
8 Bleak Walls: A Study of Shashi Deshpande’s Technique Dr.Abhiruchi Singh Article Click Here
9 The Complex Reality Of Modern Life With Henry James Bhanu Bhakta Sharma Kandel Article Click Here
10 The Quest for Identity: In the Context of Dalit Christian Poetry in Kerala Dr. Bincy Dominic Article Click Here
11 A Study of the Novel ‘Chanakya’s Chant’ of Ashwin Sanghi Dr. Boyapati Samrajya Lakshmi Article Click Here
12 The Quest For Father Figure In Anita Desai’s Cry The Peacock Dr. Sajeena Gayathrri Article Click Here
13 Kunal Basu’s ‘The Opium Clerk’ – An Ontological Reading of Postcolonial Perspectives Dr. Sujato Ghosh Article Click Here
14 Uses of Anti-Language in Orwell’s Nineteen Eight –Four: A Critical Perspective Tapan Kumar Satapathy Article Click Here
15 Conflict Within Conflict: A Critical Reading of Bankim’s Anandamath Tasnova Zaman Meem, Rifath Afrin Anaholy Easha, Sirajum Munir Tareq Article Click Here
16 The Depiction Of Human Life And Its Vanity In The Poems Of Christina Rossetti Twinkle Kumar Article Click Here
17 A Study of Pronunciation Variations in the Group of Same Letters Beginning with ‘L’ Alphabet in Various English Words Dr. Uttam Balu Koli Article Click Here
18 To Lord Ganesh Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Sinha Poems Click Here
19 Poetry Iftekhar Ahmed Poems Click Here
20 Fear lurks … Kavita Shastri Poem Click Here
21 The Snare Bhaskar Roy Barman Short Story Click Here
22 ‘The Deserter’ Habib Mohana Short Story Click Here
23 English Medium School Dr Anjali Tripathy Translation Click Here
24 Masticate Memories Barakkathu Nisha T.A Poem Click Here
25 Fortitude and Forbearance of Woman Characters in Ibsen’s A Doll’s House Nirakar Rout Article Click Here
26 SOCIALIST IDEAS IN THE BIBLE Dr. Pratheesh Peter Article Click Here
27 Second Language Acquisition and the Use of Digital Technology in the Digital Era, Why and How Dr Shabih Nafis Ahmed Article Click Here
28 Blending Myth and History: An Analysis of T.D. Ramakrishnan’s Sugandhi Enna Andal Devanayaki Nandhitha. U.M Article Click Here
29 Dalit Literature: Interpreting Theory and Aesthetics Arup Kumar Mondal Article Click Here
30 Locating New Spiritual Paradigms: Reading Contemporary Literature for Themes of New Age Sabin Mathew Article Click Here
31 A Balanced Approach in the Art of Translation Dr. Susheela. B Article Click Here
32 A Feminist Lens in the Works of Chetan Bhagat with Reference to his Select Novels Monika Chaudhary Article Click Here
33 Racial Conflict and Baraka’s Activitism Afaque Ahmad Khan Article Click Here
34 Overtones of Diasporic Consciousness in the Fiction of Amitav Ghosh: A critical Study Rekha Shukla Article Click Here
35 Role of Baraka As An Artist Afaque Ahmad Khan Article Click Here
36 Psychology of children is the dominant entity of Ruskin Bond’s The Night Train at Deoli Imtiyaz Ahmad Dar Article Click Here
37 Fairy Tales Offering a Harmonious Platform for the Human and the Nature: An Ecocritical Analysis Sanjna Plawat & Dr. Bindu Karnwal Article Click Here
38 Womanhood redefined as a case of study of Alice Walker Nisar Ahmad Ganie & Dr. Rishi Pal Singh Article Click Here