Vol. 7, Issue 3 (October 2021)

SNo Topic Name Author Subject Download
1 The Structural Impetus and Space in Arundhati Roy’s works Aishwarya Mohan Article Click Here
2 The Commodification of India's Culinary Culture in Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni's The Mistress of Spices Arpita Kayal Article Click Here
3 A Thought On Cinderella: The Construction Of Female Gender Through Fairy Tales Ashalekshmi V Article Click Here
4 Celebration of Oneness: A Study of Gandhian Humanism and Sufi Philosophy Ms. Avnoor Makhu Article Click Here
5 Speeches against the Political: The ‘Logo-Pathos’ in the Ethos of Gandhi, Hitler and Castro Ayan Chakraborty Article Click Here
6 Psychology of children is the dominant entity of Ruskin Bond’s The Night Train at Deoli Imtiyaz Ahmad Dar Article Click Here
7 English Language Teaching in rural areas: Threats and Challenges Dr. Neelu Article Click Here
8 I am a Woman Not an Exhibit: Analyzing the Male Gaze in Manu Joseph’s Serious Men Dr. Rajvi G. Desai Article Click Here
9 Challenging Cultural Oppression and Representation of Widows in the Nationalist Narrative: A Study of Indira Goswami’s An Unfinished Autobiography Dr. Tejaswini Deo Article Click Here
10 A Case study of native Spanish Speaker: A Critique approach in learning English Language Faiyaz Ahmed & Saif Ahmad Article Click Here
11 Teaching English to the Disadvantaged Learners J. Faustina Article Click Here
12 Quest, Pilgrimage and Tourism: Locating Thakurma’r Jhuli in the Context of the Bengali ‘Grand Tour’ Kajori Patra Article Click Here
13 Morphology of Myth: Reflections of Mythology in Literature LEKSHMI. B S Article Click Here
14 Thematic Concerns in the Novels of Amitav Ghosh Manzoor Ahmad Wani Article Click Here
15 Negotiating the Waves of Change: A Thematic Analysis of Mera Dharam, Meri Maa. Dr. Miazi Hazam & Ms. Jango Sonam Article Click Here
16 Voiced or Voiceless: A Study of Mohja Kahf’s The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf Mirza Sadaf Fatima Article Click Here
17 Queer Space in Heteronormative Society: A Study of Sarah Waters’s Affinity Ms Sunita & Prof. Loveleen Article Click Here
18 Aspects of Ecofeminism in the Poetry of Emily Dickinson Dr. Tialila Article Click Here
19 Ecofeminism: Analyses Through Selected Ramo Folk Literature Dr. Nasi Koje Article Click Here
20 African-American Women Diasporic Literature “Anger”- an unrecognized tradition in African American women diasporic narratives NEETHI S Article Click Here
21 Womanhood redefined as a case of study of Alice Walker Nisar Ahmad Ganie & Dr. Rishi Pal Singh Article Click Here
22 The effect of focused corrective written feedback on medicine students’ language acquisition of the present perfect simple Oqab Jabali & Abed Alkarim Ayyoub Article Click Here
23 A Study on Choosing Research Methods For English Studies to Fill the Knowledge Gap Dr. RAJI RAMESH Article Click Here
24 “The Metaphorical Presence of River in the poems of Lakshmi Kannan” – A FEMINISTIC APPROACH R.D JANARDHAN Article Click Here
25 Revolt against Contemporary Social Structure and Concept of Class and Caste Liberation in the Novel Ko Achhut? Rudra Bahadur Charmakar Article Click Here
26 Bharati Mukherjee’s Miss New India Presents A Bewildering Mix of the Archaic and the Modern Dr. Sachidananda Panda Article Click Here
27 The Fate of Humanity and War in Selected Short Stories of H. P. Lovecraft Dr. Smaranjit Singha Article Click Here
28 The artist, the audience and the cultural 'new': a study of the evolving Bengali song-culture at the turn of the 21st century Sougata Chakraborty Article Click Here
29 Redigging the Caste System through the Immortals of Meluha S. Preeth Vaitheeswaran Article Click Here
30 Contemplation of Refugee Trauma as an outcome of Ethnic Cleansing; An Analysis of Irregulars, Sea Prayer and Upavahana Sreekutty S Article Click Here
31 Metaphysical and Theatrical Absurd in the Plays of Beckett and Camus Sucheta Chaturvedi Article Click Here
32 Mahmoud Darwish’s “ID Card” as a poem of Resistance Tahir Habib Ganai & Arshed Irshad Article Click Here
33 Therapeutically Holistic Element In Tagore’s Music Taru Sugandha Article Click Here
34 Embalming Grace Dr. S. Anita Evelyn Poem Click Here
35 The Lost Gem Aishwarya Mohan Poem Click Here
36 IRISH LITERARY MOVEMENT AND J. M. SYNGE Dr. Sumera Subuhi Article Click Here
37 A Feminist Reading of Rukmini Bhaya Nair’s Poems Paramita Dasgupta Article Click Here
39 CULTURAL DISPLACEMENT IN AMULYA MALLADI’s NOVEL: THE MANGO SEASON Dr.P. Murali Krishna Reddy & Dr.V.Viswanath Article Click Here
41 Enriching Relevant Vocabulary in Business English through Magazines S. Kavitha Article Click Here
42 Quilting lives: Quilting as a narrative strategy in Alice Walker’s The Color Purple and Meridian and The Temple of My Familiar Dr. Asha Krishnan Article Click Here
43 Expressing Homosexuality: A Study of Sarah Waters Tipping the Velvet and Fingersmith Ms Sunita & Prof. Loveleen Article Click Here
44 In-Between Identity: A Postcolonial Study Of Characters In The English Patient Saroja Mandal Article Click Here
45 Colonial Literature of the Garhwal Hills and its Reification: The Uttarakhand Hill Travel Writings of Fanny Parkes, Emily Eden, John Lang, Frank Smythe and Eric Shipton Babendra Singh Article Click Here
46 Situating Metaphors in The Tempest and The Macbeth : A Study from Paul Ricoeur’s Theoritical Perspective Dr. Sanjib Kumar Sarma Article Click Here
47 Treatment of Women in Anna Bhau Sathe’s Works Dr. Priyanka Singla Article Click Here