Vol. 8, Issue 6 (April 2023)

SNo Topic Name Author Subject Download
1 Indian Folk Literature and its place in education – Challenges & Recommendations Richa Verma & Kavita Bhalothia Article Click Here
2 Feminist Features in Some Indo-Anglian Women Poets Ms. Kiran Bala Article Click Here
3 Traumatic Nostalgia: A Study of Intizar Husain’s Basti and Dibyendu Palit’s Alam’s Own House Dr. Uttam Kumar Jena Article Click Here
4 Psychological Sufferings of the Third World people in Kiran Desai’s Novel “The Inheritance of Loss” Komal Rashmi Article Click Here
5 Diasporic Vision in Kiran Desai’s Novel The Inheritance of Loss Dr. Bipin Bihari Dash Article Click Here
6 Disaster Created by Covid- 19 vis-à-vis Natural Disaster Dipankar Mazumder Article Click Here
7 A Discern of Incompatible Marriages in Anita Desai’s Novel ‘In Custody’ Richa Verma & Gauri Soni Article Click Here
8 Social Media, Interpersonal Relations and Sociability: A Study of College Students in Guwahati, Assam Dipankar Mazumder Article Click Here
9 The Emergence of Disability Life Writings in India as a Counter-Narrative Washim Sajjad Article Click Here
10 Reconstructing Identity and Cultural Consciousness through Reminiscing Battle of Kohima in Easterine Kire Iralu’s Mari Dr. Veena Gour Article Click Here
11 The Relationship Between Indian Folk Literature And The Evolution Of Vernacular Languages Mohd Adeel Article Click Here
12 Analysing the Appeal of the Gangster Genre in Bollywood Shashank Nath Mishra & Dr Prabuddh Ananda Article Click Here
13 The Issues Of Gender Discrimination And Women’s Subjugation: A Comparative Study Of Kamala Das’ ‘An Introduction’ Andeunice De Souza’s “Advice To Women” Md Moniruddin SK & Dr. Md Ataur Rahaman Article Click Here
14 Gendering Ecological Crisis: A Critical Reading of Craig Santos Perez’s Select Poems in the Time of Pandemic Shani K. Meeran Article Click Here
15 Impasse of Alienation in Selected Novel of Anita Desai: A Critical Appraisal Vikash Raj Pal & Dr. Anil Kumar Article Click Here
16 Importance of English in Modern Trade and Commerce Ms. Disha Article Click Here
17 Existence of A Community For Searching Their Socio-Cultural Identity in Society : Santhals in West Bengal Prof. Bindu Karnwal & Priya Pal Article Click Here
18 Lanka’s Princess: Feminist Deconstruction of Surpanakha Dr Durgesh Vitthal Borse & Miss PratimaRathod Article Click Here
19 From Margin To The Centre: A Study Of That Long Silence And The God Of Small Things Ms. Suresh Kumari Article Click Here
20 Dalit Feminism: Reading Bama’s Sangati Jubinarosa. S.S. Article Click Here
21 Claiming Space: A Study of Manohar Mouli Biswas’ poetry Dr. Md Humayun SK Article Click Here
22 Mimicking Humanity: The Use of Anthropomorphism in Ted Hughes' Nature Poetry Prashantkumar M Chauhan Article Click Here
23 Sex and Desire in the Poems of Suniti Namjoshi Dr. Neha Nagar Article Click Here
24 Paradigm shift from Traditional Education to Digital Education: Past, Present & Future Dr. Rashmi Gupta Article Click Here
25 The Tribal World and the Tribal Way: A Cultural Study of Santals’ Baha Parab Mr. Shibasambhu Nandi Article Click Here
26 Islamic Feminism and Trans-National Women Subjectivities in Middle East Fictions Dr. Faiz Abdulla K & Ms. Kamarunnisa Article Click Here
27 Empowerment within Limits: A Study of Jean Sasson’s Princess Manjeet Singh Article Click Here
28 Problems of Teaching English to the Rural Students of Vernacular Medium Schools Susmita De Article Click Here
29 Representation of Bengal Partition in Goutam Ghose’s film Sankhachil (2016) Ms. Shilpa Nandi Article Click Here
30 Representation of Transgender in Indian Cinema through the Socio-Normative Lens Prabuddh Ananda & Sujaya Bagdi Article Click Here
31 A Critical Analysis of D.H. Lawrence’s “The Odour of Chrysanthemums” Arunava Roy Article Click Here
32 A Discern of Incompatible Marriages in Anita Desai’s Novel ‘In Custody’ Richa Verma & Gauri Soni Article Click Here
33 Memory, Motherhood and Identity: A Study of Jahnavi Barua’s Rebirth Sakshi Kumari Article Click Here
34 Temporal Distortion in Murakami’s The Wind-up Bird Chronicle Shafqat Mushtaq Article Click Here
35 Stream of Consciousness: Narrative Technique in A. K. Ramanujan’s Selected Poems Dr. Shweta K. Trivedi Article Click Here
36 Rising Above Pain And Social Evils: A Study of Kamala Markandaya’s ‘Nectar in a Sieve’ Swapna Chandekar Article Click Here
37 Re-reading Select Poems of Sylvia Plath as Avant Garde Poetry Riya J. Raval Article Click Here
38 Importance of ‘Test’ In Teaching-Learning Process of Second Language: A Case Study of Lakhimpur District of Assam Bidyut Saikia Article Click Here
39 The Voice of the Marginalized: An Analysis on S. Joseph’s Poetry Babitha B. Article Click Here
40 Activist Self and Literary Oeuvre: A Distinct Narrative Style of Mahasweta Devi’s Select Human Rights Works Sovan Tripathy Article Click Here
41 Fortitude: Sophoclean Vision of Human Spirit in Tragic Circumstances in Oedipus Rex Dr. M. Rameshwor Singh, Kh. Priyadarshni & N. Tonikabe Devi Article Click Here
42 Migration and Marginalization: The Tragic Story of Indentured Laborers in Mulk Raj Anand's Two Leaves and a Bud Soma Roy Article Click Here
43 Patriarchy and Muslim Women: A Study of Tehmina Durrani’s My Feudal Lord Dr. Mirza Sadaf Fatima Article Click Here
44 Moral Lessons in Sudha Murthy’s Children Stories Dr. Priyanka Singla Article Click Here
45 Shashi Deshpande: Shaping Her Creative Sensibility L. Jothi Article Click Here
46 Portrayal of the ‘Modern’ Women in Chetan Bhagat’s Novels Dr. Priyanka Singla Article Click Here
47 Bisexuality: Open Mess of Possibilities in Hanif Qureishi’s The Buddha of Suburbia Dr. Meera Singh Article Click Here
48 A Study of Diasporic Sensibility in Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake Dr. D. Aswini Article Click Here
49 Glimpses of Feminism in Sultana’s Dream: A Utopian Science Fiction Dr. Nutan Yadav Article Click Here
50 Dalit's Quest for Identity, Cultural Allegation, Political Convocation in Social Context Priya Pal Article Click Here
51 The Changing Phases of the Irish Dramatic Movement Devendra Kumar Yadav & Dr. Laxman Yadav Article Click Here
52 The Poet as an Observer and the Motif of Eternal Quest: An Archetypal Study of Arun Kolatkar’s Kala Ghoda Poems and “the boatride” Abhishek Kumar Article Click Here