Vol. 2, Issue 2 (September 2016)

SNo Topic Name Author Subject Download
1 Of Attires And Arts: Shakespeare’s Fashion In Evolution Abhik Maiti Article Click Here
2 Modern-Day Manifestation Of Carpe Diem: John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars (2012) Abhisek Bhakat Article Click Here
3 Inner Conflict In Anita Desai’s Where Shall We Go This Summer Dr. Jyoti Gupta Article Click Here
4 Re-Imagining The Mythical: A Study Of Gracy’s ‘Panchali’ And Sarah Joseph’s ‘Jatiguptan And Janakiguptan’ And ‘Asoka’ Dr. Roopa Philip Article Click Here
5 The Delivery Of A Powerful Social Message, Through The Inherent Innocence Of The Soul, In “Phoolo Ka Kurta”, A Short Story By Yashpal Dr A.C.V.Rama Kumar Article Click Here
6 Of Brown Skin Identities On The Silver Screen: A Take On Meera Nair’s Mississippi Masala And Metin Hüseyin’s Anita And Me. Aishwarya Falke Article Click Here
7 The Cruelty And Callousness: An Analysis Of Where Shall We Go This Summer ? Dr. Archana Parasar Sharma Article Click Here
8 Training Graduates For Employability Skills Can Change Their Professional Life Dr.Ashish Shukla Article Click Here
9 Tracing Identity Theories In The Goan Context Carmen N V Peres Article Click Here
10 A New Insight Into Animation Divya Priyadarshini Pathak Article Click Here
11 Revision Of Traditional Knowledge – A Strategy For Women Survival In Society And In The Higher Education Of Manipur Dr. Dhanamanjuri Lourembam Article Click Here
12 William Wordsworth - ‘ I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud ’ An Introspection Fariha Khan Article Click Here
13 ‘What Is A Woman?’ A Gender Study Of Chetan Bhagat’s Letter To Indian Women A.J. Glory Gursheth Article Click Here
14 Projection Of The Fear Of Old Age In No Man’s Land By Harold Pinter Hemanta Rajbanshi Article Click Here
15 Unheard Voices Of Subalterns In Rajanikanto Bordoloi’s Miri Jiyori Himangka Patgiri Article Click Here
16 Treatment Of Time In Amitav Ghosh's The Glass Palace P. Jeyalakshmi Article Click Here
17 Learning Differences In Genders Syamala Lalitha Article Click Here
18 The Lady In The Black Couch Madhurima Guha Article Click Here
19 The Narrative Of Imposed Identity And Epistemic Violence: A Comparative Study Of Laxman Gaikwad’s “Thebranded Uchalya” And M.M. Biswas's “Surviving In My World” Md Humayun Sk Article Click Here
20 A Comparison Of Canine Antagonists In Call Of The World And Hounds Of Baskervilles Meghna Ghatak Article Click Here
21 Psychology Of Sex : Its Application In Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones Dr. Mohini Goel Article Click Here
22 The Whirlpools Of The Past: Understanding How The Motif Of “Chaos” Shapes Memory And History In Obasan And The Sorrow And The Terror Nandini Basu Article Click Here
23 The Poetry Of A.K.Ramnujan In The Light Of Indianness Pankaj Kumar Tripathi Article Click Here
24 Kinesthetic Intelligence And Language Learning, A Study Among The School Learners In The State Of Telangana N. Prathyusha Article Click Here
25 Female Sexuality In The Writings Of Kavita Sinha, Kamala Das And Amrita Pritam Priyalekha N S Article Click Here
26 Emily Dickinson’s Poetry And The Idea Of Death Priyanka Roy Article Click Here
27 Domestic Violence In Divakaruni’s Story“The Bats” Dr. Priyanka Shrivastava Article Click Here
28 Short View About Theory And Notions Wole Soyinka’s ‘The Road’ Rajendrapal Anil Vaiidya Article Click Here
29 Depiction Of Traumatic Childhood And Familial Ties In Anita Desai’s Fire On The Mountain Rashmi Rekha Saikia Article Click Here
30 India As A Narrated Nation: A Postcolonial Reading Of Shashi Tharoor’s The Great Indian Novel Rony George Article Click Here
31 Revisiting The Past : An Analysis Of M.G Vassanji’s The Gunny Sack. Samrat Khanna Article Click Here
32 Painting As A Reflection Of The Unconscious Self Sanjukta Das Bhowmick Article Click Here
33 Mythological Characters In The Poems Of Manohar Mouli Biswas Santosh Saha Article Click Here
34 An Appraisal Of Indian Pulp Fiction In English: A Brief Study Of The Novels Of De, Bhagat & Tripathy Satyajit Pal Article Click Here
35 The Jazz Haikus Of James Emmanuel: Revolutionizing Poetry Through Music Sayantani Jana Article Click Here
36 Celebrating The Space: A Subaltern Reading Of Jyothsna Phanija’s ‘Taylor’s Slate,’ ‘Venus Has No Wings’ And ‘Photo-Nystagmus.’ S. Krishna Kumar Article Click Here
37 Paul Celan’s “Search For Meaning”: The Incommunicability Of His Experiences Through Silence In His Poems Sohini Jana Article Click Here
38 Locating Modern Hero: Harry Potter As A Product Of Popular And High Culture Soumya. K Article Click Here
39 Teaching Language Through Literature: The Meghalaya Context Sonita Khongwir Article Click Here
40 Reconfiguration Of Indian Politics In Girish Karnad’s The Fire And The Rain And Other Plays Sourav Paul Article Click Here
41 Predicament Of Protagonists In Mulkraj Anand’s Novels Shirin .B. Khan Article Click Here
42 Language Policies In A Multilingual Context With Reference To India T.S.Sridevi Article Click Here
43 Frost And Wordsworth Similarities And Differences Dr. Tarit Agrawal Article Click Here
44 The Marginalized Women In Shashi Deshpande’s ‘A Matter Of Time’ Dr. Tukaram S. Sawant Article Click Here
45 Space And Subjectivity In Anita Desai’s Clear Light Of Day Udaybhanu Mitra Article Click Here
46 “Myth And Reality” In Bharati Mukherjee's Leave It To Me Mr. A. Venkateshkumar Article Click Here
47 Swami Vivekananada’s Poetry In The Light Of Longinus’s Sublimity Vishesh Kumar Pandey Article Click Here
48 The Representation Of The Theme Of Identity In Jhumpa Lahiri’s Novel, The Namesake Yashika Kant Article Click Here
49 Highlighting The Problem With Primogeniture Using The Theme Of Sibling Rivalry In As You Like It Yashika Kant Article Click Here
50 Journey In Love Anisha Yadav Poem Click Here
51 Freedom Of Love Avijit Dasgupta Poem Click Here
52 Resurrection Dr. Md. Shahid Alam Poem Click Here
53 Strange World Kapardeli Iftichia Poem Click Here
54 Invisible You Chandrabati Chakraborty Poem Click Here
55 I Am An Isolated Child Neha Nagpal Poem Click Here
56 Far Across The Fields Of Life Ms. Rajoshree Chatterjee Poem Click Here
57 Blasphemy Reenu S John Poem Click Here
58 An Enigmatic Episode Shahana Sumi Poem Click Here
59 How I Loved My Love T.S.Sridevi Poem Click Here
60 Were I Really There………..! Sushminderjit Kaur Poem Click Here
61 The Letter Anup Sharma Story Click Here
62 Friendship Goutam Naskar Story Click Here
63 The Squatting Accident Nandini Basu Story Click Here
64 A New Verity Pushpa Story Click Here
65 Into The White Woods Rashi Gautam Story Click Here
66 Ennui Sharon Christy Story Click Here
67 The Practical Man Josephine Sneha .T Story Click Here
68 Book Review: “The Immortals Of Meluha” By Amish Tripathi Priyanka Shrivastava Book Review Click Here
69 “Thangal General” By Arambam Somorendro Singh (2002, Print) Thokchom Nirmala Devi DRAMA (Translation) Click Here
70 Superstitions in Meira Chand’s House of the Sun Parvaiz Ahmad Bhat Article Click Here
71 Superstition in Black Literature Sankhipta Puri Article Click Here
72 BEAUTY Pralay Panda Poem Click Here